Kid’s Corner

I love little girls and love to make them look pretty! I am high on increasing one’s self-esteem especially since I had to come into my own realization of confidence growing up. I encourage girls to start their salon experience young to get their hair trained.

People often complain about the price of a child should not be the same as an adult. But the realization is a child’s hair is usually untrained, thicker, and sometimes unmanageable virgin hair. The work is more tedious and time consuming.

I do recommend bringing in your princess starting at 5 years of age. 3 years the earliest. I do believe in clipping the ends, but definitely not as often as an adult. Every few months will do in the beginning. I will not relax a child’s hair but will offer other options of manageability.

So for the mothers who refuse to just learn to maintain their child’s hair. Let me teach you how to train it. Chemicals are not necessary and it’s a shame to see all of these little girls looking a hot mess with bone straight, broke off hair glued and stretched into a tiny “so – called” ponytail. Stop the madness!

I do understand sometimes it’s hard enough to maintain your own hair much less a child. But, again, simple daily steps with the correct products will make a world of difference. Trust me, I have a little princess with soft, but curly dry hair that takes time and effort to maintain. And that is all it is, effort.

I do offer a small price reduction for children under the age 10.