Maintaining Your Hair

Maintenance of your hair is vital and it will determine the results. If you choose to not tie your hair up at night, overprocess it, or buy dollar store hair products, then your results will probably not be much if any. But, if you educate yourself and follow through, then your progress will amaze you.

As the seasons change, you may notice your hair shedding more than usual. This is Normal! However, with the outdoor elements and indoor heating, it is drying to your hair out!

You must increase your moisture. This is also a good time to use a protein conditioner to reduce hair shedding. Use a silk scarf to wrap your hair. Try purchasing a ½ yard of fabric from a fabric store to ensure it is 100% silk. Satin is okay, however they have cotton threads which can cause dryness.

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Everyone’s hair is dry, dry, dry! The lack of moisture ,dry ends,and lack of lustre is wrecking havoc on everyone including me. Well, allow me to give you a formula that i have been using.

I have been reintroduced to JOICO products, I use their Moisture Recovery Shampoo and conditioner. IT IS EXCELLENT! Even though I am an advocate of bouncy hair that blows in the wind, with no heavy oils that weigh your hair down,you still need to protect your hair.

A product that I totally recommend is Mizani overnight treatment as a moisturizer. Right now your winter products need to be different from your summer products.

So, as I continue to research more natural hair products then i will keep you informed.