Positive Reflections

Forgiveness is a lesson that so many of us have to deal with. We hold unforgiveness in our hearts so deep and for so long that it erodes into an unhealing sore. I personally feel that i am a heartfelt giving person, I love and give with all my heart.I value friendships and expect no less.But,I am not perfect so how can i judge.

The thing is some people unknowingly hurt others,and if not confronted in a non-threating way will never understand the betrayal they caused.Some cause hurt because they hurt inside themselves.I’m sure everyone experienced as a child a schoolmate teasing or bullying you. But, nine times out of ten, they had way more insecurities than you,but decided to zoom in on yours to make themselves feel better.

Unfortunately, that is what many people even carry into adulthood.They allowed their insecurities and pains from their past erode into a presently sore life.And we all know misery loves company. Those insecurities turn into untrusting hearts and pre-occupied spirits (bad auras).

Don’t allow unforgiveness block your blessings,because they will.I remember when i was facing a very dark moment in my life. Which forced me to face depilitating hurts from my past and present.

I had to reach inside myself and decided that i needed to let go of it.It wasn’t doing anything but hurting me further,and those perpetrators were moving right along with there lives. I had to take that control back.So, i got on my knees and asked the Lord to show me how. I wrote the names of the people that I needed to forgive and taped it to my bathroom mirror.

That forced me to look at these names often and pray for them and asked for them to be blessed. That could mean show them the errors of their ways and of mine.After a while it no longer hurt to look at these names, and the hurt began to lift off of my heart.And you know what?my life began to go to the next level,and how good did that feel.

As sisters and brothers of Christ,we must pray for each other and with each other.We must love each other as Christ loves us,and forgive just as we Need Him to forgive us.


I often reflect on how I’ve always wanted to do hair. This has always been my passion since i was five years old. I swear my parents were persistent in redirecting me into other fields. But, it always came back to hair. It even took me years to work it as a full time job. I now realize it was because i was still trying to please others. God has a purpose and plan for everyone’s life. We often ignore or talk ourselves out of our true passion.

What is your passion? What thoughts keep u motivated? then why aren’t u doing it? I have learned there will never be a right time, there will always be something. Worrying about how others are going to feel about it is absurd. I have always been a Big thinker,and goal setter.

So sharing my dreams and aspirations are nothing new. People laugh or smile quietly and say “that’s nice”. That’s okay because when I say I’m going to do something I do it! You are rarely going to have a lot of people that are going to support your dreams,and honestly you don’t NEED that.

One time recently, I was crying and confused because i was trying to plan an event and it wasn’t working out the way I wanted it to. Well, my sister said to me, “Kelli, everyone is not going to see your vision.” And that was all she had to say. During that same time another spiritual friend named Marshiki really helped me to realize that there was a bigger purpose for that moment.

And that is what we must realize. You define your own level of success. Don’t allow situations, circumstances, or people dictate your destiny! Had I listened to all the people in my life that said can’t, shouldn’t, don’t, wouldn’t. Where would i be? Somewhere miserable causing misery to others because I’m unhappy. (I’m sure you know many people like that) I’ll tell you one thing, you may wanna’ think twice about taking That persons advice.

One time at a family function a cousin of mine was asking my sister,one of my aunts,and another cousin who does their hair,they all replied”Kelli”. so one of my great aunts looked up and said” well we do our own hair,and we spend our money on more important things.”But then in the next breath she said in a lower tone,”I always did want to really get into hair but,oh well.”

My point to this story is that that is a prime example of someone who chose not to follow her dream for whatever reason,and regrets it,so without realizing it ,puts down those who went for it. Enough said?

Proverbs 3:5-6 reads “Trust in the Lord with all heart and lean not on your own understanding.In all ways acknowledge Him and He’ll make your path straight”. SO INITIATE YOUR BLESSINGS, SPEAK IT, MOVE TOWARDS IT! Once I heard someone say that when God gives you a gift it is a sin not to use it.

That changed my whole life and two weeks later I began doing hair full time and never looked back. True wealth is not overnight, we will all face adversities but that develops wisdom and character. Many will laugh and try to deter you as they did me as i was making plans for this site and its purpose.

Only 1 person that I work with has viewed it (luv u Kamilah)…some people that I know haven’t even thought about viewing it. But Guess what you are reading it…and that’s what I prayed for. – God BLESS